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Sam, 22, Heinz 57 (but mostly Hispanic), non-denom Christian, 2 years married, Midwesterner. Sophia Annabell, love of my life, was born on 4/25/13. I am a body positive blog, I will spam you with adorable baby pictures, curvaay ladays, Harry Potter and vintage/historical junk. I am pro-choice, feminist, and lgtbq ally, former Army wife, respectful debater. Ask is always always open!
~ Wednesday, February 26 ~
1 month - 10 months #babiesofinstagram #progresspic #beautifulbabies #cutekidsacademy #mumblr

1 month - 10 months #babiesofinstagram #progresspic #beautifulbabies #cutekidsacademy #mumblr

Tags: progresspic beautifulbabies mumblr babiesofinstagram cutekidsacademy
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